Interesting Weekend

Hello to you all.

I have been commenting on other sites for some time now and thought it is about time I started on my own site also. The lay out and interactivity shall be changed over the coming weeks.

First of all, I turned 31 on Friday and had a nice meal and a few afterwards with family and friends here in the Glens (Cushendun and Cushendall). Harrys in Cushendall is well worth a visit; great food, reasonably priced and the staff are most welcoming (

Then, we had the Man Utd v Spurs game yesterday which, as a Spurs fan, aged me horribly but I enjoyed it nonetheless (sorry FJH for rubbing it in!) It was a great game of football and has helped really launch our season, shame this couldn’t have occurred on the first weekend.

Today, we had the All-Ireland Hurling replay where Galway took on the mighty Kilkenny. Too many superlatives have been used to describe the Cats and Henry Shefflin over the years and I will not add too many more only to note that once Galway went down to 14 men it was obvious to all that this game had turned. I had the pleasure of being at the Leinster Hurling final when Galway ‘hockeyed’ the Cats in a fine performance. I thought then that this was a bad idea and I still do. They caught the Cats out on that day, but at the same time they showed them what they were capable off. Granted, there is a massive flaw to my logic and that is that Kilkenny would be somewhat as lax in an All Ireland as they were in the Leinster final, which I think is probably flawed, but we can only speculate.

Finally, we also had the passing of the Covenant Parade yesterday and the fall out from that which includes the following:

i) No notable violence last night (thankfully);

ii) The playing of tunes that may have broke the determination of the Parades Commission outside of St Matthews near the Short Strand; and

iii) Nick Griffin pictured at Stormont.

I am not going to pretend that I was celebrating the signing of the Covenant yesterday. Further, I will not pretend that I believe that Nick Griffin is wholly representative of all Unionists, after all, everyone is an individual snow flake. However, I do think that there is most definitely an undercurrent in Loyalism and in ‘old skool’ Unionism in places like Belfast where his views would go down quite well. The difference may be that he says out load what he thinks and is very much in people’s faces while others say these things down the pub or on the golf course, I don’t know, but I imagine some hay will be made with this slip up such as here

As always, your thoughts on any of the above are more than welcome.


6 responses to “Interesting Weekend

    • Thanks for dropping by Sammy.

      There are quite a few of us now, though I will admit that it is my intention to really widen the scope of what is talked about outside of our narrow, though interesting, interests to include sport, politics in other countries and some of my cultural interests. As always, your opinion is a valued one as you like to engage me with your considered opinions. Also, you give no quarter!

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