Ryder Cup Victory for Europe!

I’m not going to lie to anyone, I was not really following the Ryder Cup this weekend as I had other things on mind such as Spurs v Utd, the Hurling All Ireland final and also I am not the biggest fan of golf.

Seeing lots of loud mouthed Americans hooping and hollering before and after someone hits a little ball was, well, frankly pretty ridiculous! So, seeing Europe do it in there back yard is of course something that warms my heart, though nothing compared to that victory at Old Trafford yesterday, the last when that happened Jive Bunny (seriously, wtf?!) where riding high in the charts and were no. 1.

Expect another photo-op for Marty and Peter up at Stormont complete with Rory, Darren and G-Mac (who hands these names out, awful)


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