Well Done Joe Brolly!

A story that warmed my heart and made me feel good inside, that even in the midst of this awful recession and time effecting us all, that society hasn’t fallen apart and that we are being self-less in helping one another, former Derry GAA football star and RTE Sunday Game commentator Joe Brolly donated a kidney to a friend of his, Shane Finnegan as he heard about the latter’s need to go to hospital to use a dialysis machine. The Belfast Telegraph reports:

They got to know each other in the past few weeks through coaching their sons’ U10 Gaelic football team at St Brigid’s GAC in south Belfast.

Simply incredible stuff.

What makes it even more incredible is the modesty Joe offers when speaking about his truly self-less act:

I’m honoured to have been in the position to help Shane. He’s been waiting for a transplant for over six years. When I heard that the only possibility of getting one was through a live donor I contacted his medical team. And, of course, in my considered opinion it’s all going according to plan — and thankfully the doctors concur.

A tremendous act by Joe and I wish both he and Shane  a speedy recovery.


2 responses to “Well Done Joe Brolly!

  1. One of the most heartening things I heard in a long time.
    I had a major kidney problem in 1998/99.
    At one point I weighed just 6stones 10 pounds.
    Although it was cured it brought me into contact with a lot of people who had much worse problems than me.
    fair play to Joe Brolly.

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