Australia, here I come!

After much talking and huffing and puffing, it’s official, I will be flying off to Australia in early November until at least September 2013 when I may stay on or come back to Ireland to do another post-grad course in Dublin.

While my date for departure is still some way away, as you will all understand, my articles or stories may become somewhat more sporadic, especially in November when I try and settle in and get work all at once. I will be going via New York to be called to the State Bar which means a trip to the state capital Albany, so I hope to have something of a diary up complete with photos, some history and anecdotes on places of note on my travels, whilst keeping an eye on things closer to home.

Who knows, while I am in Sydney or Brisbane (as of yet undecided) you may see some posts even on Julia Gillard who I hope will give more dressing downs such as the below, what a leader (and I mean that); why can we not have more politicians like the Prime Minister here?! I recommend you watch the video in its entirety, a well argued tour de force if I have ever seen one in my life.

Or, you may see some other sporting codes being commented on here instead of football/soccer, whether it’s rugby union or footie (I’m a Collingwood fan, the single most hated team in AFL).

I will of course still try to look at what is going on in the North and elsewhere and pass comment on that which interests me, but expect my posts to be going out at rather unusual times compared to most who pass comment (the chattering class!).

Let’s just hope this song is not true for my travels, though it would mean Queensland’s record drought would most certainly come to an end within a week! Cheesyish tune, but I like it now and again.

Have a great weekend everyone!


5 responses to “Australia, here I come!

  1. FC,
    Ye’ll be missed. Best of luck on your adventures though and do keep posting so we know what’s happening with you.
    It would be interesting to get an Aussie perspective on things back here, I have quite a few Aussie readers but they don’t comment as of yet 🙂
    Good luck professionally as well, I’m embarking on a post grad qualification also starting next week btw.
    You’ve made a great start to your blogging career so don’t forget us !

    • Thanks BD, really appreciate the kind words.

      There will still be posts, though I don’t know if I will be able to give the dedication to what goes on in the North as I have previously.but have enjoyed looking at some things in greater detail as opposed to merely skimming over things when I would have read them previously.

      Aus should be a blast, want to try and see Fiji and Tonga too as I don’t get the impression I will have the chance to do so again. If I’m lucky enough, I could even do a shark dive!

      Best of luck with the post-grad BD, keep us all informed on how it goes.

  2. Good luck with this!
    I hope you are not going to be lost to Ireland because we need people like you.
    I like Australians……they seem like Irish people with a suntan.
    Keep blogging!!!

    • Thanks FJH,

      I am completely bricking it, yet very excited all at once, more so than usual tbf.

      I mentioned to my Mum that whilst I would give Aus a chance I want to come back and live in Ireland even though work-wise and culture-wise in Dublin it’s a toilet of a country (not because of Dubs btw BD, just the government and work culture!).

      Hopefully, I go and work for a year, save, said money pays for my post-grad in economics, I get a job, I’m happy as FC, though who knows? Governments North and South add more leeches and seem incapable of either wielding control or having control over their own finances, though I don’t want to drag this off on a tangent.

      In the meantime, I sort everything out, I go over to Aus, I get back into surfing (really badly might I add), I try and get a tan (I’ve red hair, need I say anymore?) and run 10km a day and enjoy myself and the great quality of life on offer.

      Btw, if you are thinking of coming near here before the end of October to see what natural beauty is on offer please let me know, tea/coffee and refreshments are always on offer (same for you BD).

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