Vice-Presidents Debate

Did anyone watch any of the VP Debate from Kentucky on Thursday night?

Yes, I am left leaning, so I was glad to see Joe Biden finally taking the fight to his opponent Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and saying what his boss, Barack Obama, probably should have said in Denver last week.

Anyway,  thought this was funny, let me know what you think.


2 responses to “Vice-Presidents Debate

  1. Joe Biden …my kinda politician.
    He looked like he would punch Paul Ryan. And that was BEFORE they even sat down.
    Debate was a draw. Democrats will be pleased that Biden did not make a mistake and no ground was lost.
    But Id call it a drwa because no minds were changed.

  2. I would imagine that nowadays very few minds are changed thanks to these kind of events, though it was funny seeing Joe come on and basically ‘oops upside his head’ as they might say in some 70s blacksploitation movie.

    I still fancy BO to win as MR should be miles ahead if he wants to win, but who knows?

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