Friday Night Music!

How’s your evening going folks? I’m having a quiet night in what with a big night out tomorrow, but that hasn’t stopped me from enjoying myself, and I hope you are too!

Now, I’m certain you’ve all seen a lot of advertisements and build up for the latest installment of Ian Fleming’s series of James Bond films, Skyfall with Daniel Craig back in his third outing. Instead of the main protagonist drinking his traditional vodka martini (‘shaken, not stirred‘) he will drink a bottle of Heineken. The advert for the new tie in is out where Bond is being chased along a train platform, bumps into a regular guy who happens to be wearing the same coat and hat, whilst being the same build, and our regular Joe is chased by some bad guys with hilarious consequences and well known Bond situations.

Well, this is all set to a tune which, whilst not my usual cup of tea, I have to admit is pretty addictive. If you don’t find yourself moving to this you clearly don’t have any kind of rhythm and really need to loosen up a little more. New Zealand’s Gin Wigmore and ‘Man Like That‘ is very catchy, hope you all enjoy.

So folks, what are you all listening to then? Let me know, drop a link in below, whatever best suits you sure!


9 responses to “Friday Night Music!

  1. lol,
    Ok, honesty time, I was In the band in the very early days, pre Berlin. 1st gig we ever played was in the Ivy Rooms in Parnell St. Support to Aslan, remember them?
    I still have my Fender Bullet from those days and, a secret, we called Colm “Animal” in the rehearsals. geddit?

    • You learn something new everyday! Remember Aslan very well, still touring quite a bit too, even had the Kaiser Chiefs supporting them in a gig over in Tallaght a few weeks ago I think.

      That’s some band to have jammed with BD. So you lived in the Netherlands AND supported REM?

  2. LOL, Mrs Bangordub just booked tickets to see a certain Dublin Band in Belfast in March. You are Irish, You know damn well that we are all musicians. If I told you who I was drinking with in the Merrion after a gig last year, you would, rightly, think I was a Name dropper.
    MBV were always my soulmate band but I had a choice, move to Berlin and go for it, or stick with the safe option at home. I made the wrong choice in hindsight but hey, thats what life is?

    • Drop me the name sure by way of email! You cannot leave a man hanging like that!

      As for your choice, it was the right one at the time. The amount of bans that crash and burn is enormous, but I swear, MBV is one of my favorite bands. For my 22nd bday my mates got me Loveless to which I made them listen to when we got home from QUB Speakeasy, to which they all looked at me and said, ‘what the hell is this?!’

      ‘Beautiful noise folks!’

  3. Loveless is about immersing yourself in a ridiculous level of sound that washes over you. For an earlier generation it is similar to the Doors. If you understand that you will get it

    • Another great band. I only really started to them about 4 years ago tbh, it was more SoCal Punk stuff like Weezer for yours truly or just regular old punk, but I am always amazed with what will come out next that I may start listening to and compare with what I used to listen to like the above, not very punk is it? 🙂

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