Premiership football returns!

Thanks be to the lord, international football is over for a while and the real thing is back, club football!

This weekend we have some quite interesting clashes in England which are quite interesting and I have been looking forward to for near a fortnight. First up, tomorrow’s midday game is between top of the table Chelsea who must be reeling after John Terry turned down launching an appeal against the FA’s disciplinary panel’s decision with regard to his now infamous altercation with Anton Ferdinand of QPR and fifth place Tottenham Hotspurs who have started to gain some considerable momentum, having beaten Man Utd. at Old Trafford for the first time since 1989.

Chelsea remain undefeated so far and have been playing a style of football where previously under Mourinho and Ancellotti they would bulldoze teams into submission, now they appear to be playing them off the park. There last game against Norwich saw them hockeying the Canaries 4-1 at the Bridge.

Tottenham have looked great in September where the interplay specifically in midfield between Sandro and new signing Dembele has not only been a revelation but has also seen them push there way up the table from the bottom half to 5th, a point off 2nd place Man Utd. Before the break Spurs were completely dominant against a rather lackluster Aston Villa who the Spurs beat 2-0 at the Lane. I wonder if the break will have put the brakes on the teams momentum or will they continue where they left off?

My Prediction: Tottenham Hotspurs 2-1 Chelsea

Man Utd are actually kicking off at Old Trafford at 3pm tomorrow, something of a rarity nowadays seeing as there games are normally televised. They face Tony Pulis’ resilient Stoke who have been getting draws more often than not, 5 out of 7 in total already this season.  A nil all draw against Liverpool in their last game and with a goal difference of +1 in away games, you would have to fancy Fergie’s boys to roll them over eventually, right?

Utd.’s last game was a 3-0 thumping at the Wonga Dome against the Magpies where the whole team looked a whole lot sharper than they had against either Spurs, Liverpool or Southampton. Further, Wayne Rooney’s partnership with Robin van Persie together with his development from out and out striker to a deeper lying role as a trequartista has seen him become the attacking midfielder the have been missing for some time.

My Prediction: Man Utd 3-0 Stoke

Champions City are in Birmingham against high-flying West Brom who have been something of a revelation this season so far. The Baggies have been formidable at home, played 4, won 4 with a goal difference of -7,  conceding only 2 at home in the process, both of which were in the last game against QPR.

City have not really looked as sharp and dominating this season as they did last, however, that aside, they are on the same points as city rivals Utd., no loses this season so far and only 4 points behind Chelsea too. There last game was a 3-0 victory against Sunderland at the Etihad with an away win against Fulham in London before that with Edin Dzeko providing the winner. They are without David Silva for the next 2 games but they have strength and depth to be able to make up the difference and inflict WBA’s first home defeat.

My Prediction: WBA 1-2 Man City

The big game on Sunday sees the first north east derby of the year where Newcastle Utd go down the road to face Martin O’Neill’s Sunderland. The Magpies lie tenth at the moment and do not appear to be as illustrious this season as they did last, however, if they keep scoring goals like this then it’s conceivable they could make there way back up the table to the heights they reached last year.

Sunderland, much like Stoke, have been getting a lot of draws at the moment (four in total), with a win and a loss to their name too. They are short of goals at the moment (5 in total) and look like the will be mid table all year long.

My Prediction: Sunderland 1-2 Newcastle Utd.

Other games of note include Liverpool playing Reading at Anfield where it appears the new owners plan on redeveloping Anfield as opposed to moving elsewhere, Swansea face Wigan Athletic at home and West Ham have Southampton at home.

My Predictions: Liverpool 1-0 Reading, Swansea 2-1 Wigan Athletic and West Ham 2-2 Southampton.

So, which games will you all be watching this weekend? Let me know your thoughts sure!


9 responses to “Premiership football returns!

  1. Never mind the ladyball – what about Ulster’sspiffing win over Glasgae? The Irish obession with English ladyball is embarassing and appalling – but having said that…

    Spurs 2 Chelsea 4
    Manu 2 Stoke 3
    WBA 0 Man City 2
    Sund 1 Newc 0
    Lpool 1 Reading 1
    Swansea 1 Wigan 2
    West Ham 2 SouthH 1

    • Rugger? I don’t mind it but find it tough to get worked up about it tbf Sammy. I have enjoyed watching Ulster before too.

      As for the aul ladyball, well, I am fan, hence the name 🙂

      You fancy Stoke at OT? Paddy Power has them at 10/1 for the win tomorrow, though it depends which Utd shows up, the one that hockeyed Newcastle or the lax one we got the win over.

      • re. Ruggerball, a few years back I was in Dublin in a pub and Leinster were playing in the HC and all the sad feckers were crowded round the telly watching Liverpool versus soneoneorother and somehow convincng themselves it was ‘their’ team – had to go to a GAA club to see the Ruggerball.

        re. Manu – ABU.

      • That’s a bit mad re Leinster and HC. Now, I’m not saying I don’t watch rugby, I do watch a lot of it, but there are many games I simply find difficult to get worked up about.

        I was working in Dub there up until recently and my boss was a season ticket holder for Leinster who made a point of trying to get me more into rugby, which he was largely successful with tbf. I was at the Ulster game in the Aviva for the HC semi and I had a ball, great weekend.

        Manu and ABU, I’m not that bad, but I do like seeing them not as dominant as they were with Ronaldo and Tevez up front, they were pretty formidable then.

        Also, tbh, I find myself watching more La Liga and Bundesliga than Premiership now; the quality is fantastic.

    • I think Chelsea are good ‘value’ at 12/5, probably got the best squad and are at the top. The Ruskies really like London but (hopefully)sooner or later they will put their money largely into their own league

      • They’re good at 12/5. Also, re the Ruskis and LDN, couldn’t agree more, I used to live with one while there 🙂

        They’re starting to put a lot of money into the league, Hulk at Zenit for instance, and with personal tax at I believe 14% it’s attractive in some ways.

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