Footballing God-like Genius Strikes Yet Again!

Happy Monday to you all, hope you enjoyed your weekend and the thought of work or whatever you’re doing does not fill you full of despair!

Well, as noted previously, two rounds of international football have come and gone and normality resumed at the weekend (thankfully!). Most of my predictions went according to plan with a  notable exception of Spurs getting thumped by Red Rom’s Chelski (damn you Sammy and your prediction!).

Elsewhere, Rosario’s greatest export continued doing what he does best, playing a game that couldn’t possibly be football as no one comes anywhere near close enough to him. This round saw top of the La Liga table, FC Barcelona travel to Galicia to face newly promoted Deportivo La Coruna in what proved to be a stomping game, with NINE goals scored in total.

Not wishing to be outdone, Lionel Messi got his now customary hat-trick, with the third goal the pick of the bunch in my opinion, however, I will let you decide. What appears to be most alarming of all is how regular an occurrence this actually is. Having played 8 games and with 11 goals in La Liga so far, he is still on course to equal his 50 goals in La Liga last season.

Here’s highlights of the game below, I hope your Arabic is up to speed, otherwise, sit back, relax and enjoy a talent at his peak and great performances from Cesc Fabregas and a Depor side that showed great resilience in fighting back (shame there defence was pretty lax).


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