Bond, Stark and Hitchcock: Movies coming out soon.

Okily dokily folks, this weekend the latest installment of Ian Fleming’s James Bond hits our screens with Daniel Craig reprising the role for the third time. Craig’s Bond not only fakes his own death (much like in ‘You Only Live Twice‘ my favorite film in the series) but returns to help his boss M (played by Judy Dench) as the identities of all active undercover MI6 agents have been leaked. M sends Bond after Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem), a dangerous villain (is there any other kind in a Bond film?) with a personal connection to both M and Bond, on a trip from London to the South China Sea (with sexy consequences I’d imagine) where he questions his loyalty to M in the process.

I have to admit, I have always had a soft spot for James Bond films, especially the earlier ones as they married enough adventure, one liners, quips and imagination to engross me.  It got me interested in Russia and learning Russian (I always liked the baddies)! Granted, if he was sent to West Belfast to stop some plot I may have then had a problem with him, but he wasn’t so I have no problem serving HM’s Government. Most reports have this film as better than the previous installment ‘Quantum of Solace‘ which I actually enjoyed, though it seems to have been panned elsewhere.

Released yesterday was a trailer of the upcoming installment of Iron Man, the imaginatively titled ‘Iron Man 3‘ starring Robert Downey Jnr as billionaire genius and playboy, Tony Stark, who will have to face ‘his greatest test yet‘ against ‘The Mandarin‘ played by Ben Kingsley. The trailer gives very little away except lots of explosions and an even shinier suit with our hero in some serious trouble.

Again, I actually quite enjoyed the previous two films, as I was something of a geek when I was younger but at the same time, I would not find myself watching films like this too often, more on in flight than in cinema so to speak. That said, I thought Downey Jnr being a super-hero was actually quite inspired and he has done a great ob of making a comic book hero who was not the most beloved by most into a very large success. He wise cracks, he blows things up, he gets the girl, actually, he gets lots of girls and he has a kick ass metal suit that allows him to fly, more could you want?

Final film I noticed coming out stars Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirren, Jessica Biel and Scarlett Johannson in ‘Hitchcock‘.

The film is the story of Alfred Hitchcock’s trouble in trying to film his infamous movie ‘Psycho‘ a departure from his previous output. Hopkins’ appearance is a great change from anything we have seen before and I am sure it will be a good film to watch, judging on the cast.

So, is there any films you’re particularly looking forward to this weekend or any in the future?




3 responses to “Bond, Stark and Hitchcock: Movies coming out soon.

  1. I always have a problem with James Bond movies……also such things as “Spooks”. Im always on the side of the bad guys. Id like to see the Hitchcock movie. Always enjoyed his movies and as per a recent documentary he appears to have been a weirdo.
    The last time I was actually in the cinema was about 12 years ago. We used to go every year at the end of June on first day of school holidays.

    • I enjoy these films quite a bit FJH, though there are a ton of them out at the moment whether it is the excellent ‘Bourne’ franchise (the Jeremy Renner latest instalment being an exception) or that awful comedy ‘This Means War’ with Tom Hardy and Reese Witherspoon.

      I just saw Skyfall in Doire and have to admit it was excellent, a gritty film that in many ways kept it quite simple with the premise and execution. Javier Bardem’s ‘Silva’ will go down as an incredible Bond baddy.

      I too liked Bond bad guys, that’s why I took up Russian after all 🙂

      There is a fair amount of crap out in the cinema at the moment, but if you try somewhere like the QFT in Belfast you can also see some wonderful left of centre stuff.

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