Saturday Night Music! Neon Indian

Was in Doire/Derry today and yesterday saying my good byes to some very good friends who won’t be about before I rock on to Australia. I always enjoy heading out in the City which is pretty unique in it’s own way. The hills I always find something of a novelty as I am from North Armagh which is pretty flat in the main. Also, it was only a few days ago that the calendar for the City of Culture 2013 was launched, so the City has a buzz about it, that or it was a Friday night which usually has a buzz and I am reading way too much into some things? I’ll pick up on somethings about the City of Culture in a post tomorrow though.

Anyway, on my way home today and was listening to Neon Indian, a five piece electro-synth band from Denton, Texas who released an intriguing album ‘Era Extrana‘ last year which has been doing the rounds for a while; it’s well worth a listen to if you want something a bit different. They are reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine (aren’t they BD, or am I imagining this a tad?) in some ways, moody, sultry music though there out put focuses less on a particular guitar focused sound and is somewhat more club friendly.

When you’re waiting at a roundabout in Castledawson for 2 hours because your bus has broken down and no replacement appears to be on its way you usually need something to keep you in good humour, right? This album was quite interesting, one I had on repeat (I had other albums, ok!) and had something of a summer vibe. Hope you enjoy it folks!

So, what are you all listening to this evening then? Drop it in below, links also welcome sure!


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