Democracy and Geography?

Apologies for the delay with posts but on Tuesday I am away to NYC and on to Australia, so as you can imagine I have been somewhat preoccupied with other things.

I have been seeing a huge part of the country over the past two weeks having been out in Dublin, Doire, Belfast, North Armagh and elsewhere and thus have had sometime to think about some things. I had an interesting chat/debate/argument with Andrew Gallagher over on Enda’s site regarding democracy and the North where I stated my well trodden belief that the ‘northern state’ is a sectarian construct and grossly undemocratic. Andrew has noted the island of Ireland is political straightjacket and my arguments were special pleading and quite conservative in using geography as the basis of a nation.

However, without geography in democracy how can we agree what the will of the people is? If we do not respect the decisions of people within an agreed area will we have anarchy instead? Will this lead to special pleading of self-described ‘nations’ and their own version of special pleading? Are we each to become our own sovereign nation, free to make our own decisions free from the interference of any one?

What I am asking is, what are the limits of geography in deciding the will of the people? I do wonder…


4 responses to “Democracy and Geography?

    • I would agree. AG is a very intelligent man, I like his thinking BUT believe he moulds intelligent arguments to justify the unjustifiable in this instance.

      I must stress that this post is most definitely not my having a go at AG, more that our discussion was the start of something that got me thinking and I wanted to expand on it, see if we could flesh something out so in that vein if we could steer the argument towards that line of thinking that would be great.

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