Travels finished, for now

Hello to you all!

It has been a few days since I last posted something owing to my getting ready for my move to Australia, visit to New York and most importantly seeing family and friends back home or in NYC.

I will be doing a few separate posts on things I saw, places I ventured to and points of interest from NYC over the coming days once I have settled in here in Australia.

In the meantime, thank you all for the kind words that have been given and all the well wishers.

Having arrived just after the full effects of Sandy had been realised and tallied, the city was only back on it’s feet when I arrived, while Statten Island was still a bit of bomb site. To compund matters, a flash blizzard decided to come along which most were not prepared for and to be hoonest, if Mammy FC hadn’t forced me to take gloves, a rather large sweater and some other warm things I may have frozen the bit out too. That said, I loved my time there.

Highlights from my trip included a trip to the Guggenheim gallery where a large collection of Picasso’s work in Black and White were on display, as well as some Kandinsky’s, Manet’s and Cezanne’s in a few off shoots of the gallery.  It is a very interesting  building, off Central Park, and the space itself is conducive to art. The collection was accompanied by an audio tour with commentary from Picasso’s daughter and the curator of the gallery.

Further down Manhattan, the Frick Collection had some of Van Gogh’s work on display which I am always a massive fan of. Ass someone who was never classically trained, or trained whatsoever, in the appreciation of art, what I always enjoy about his work is the way it sits up from the canvass. Colour is applied thick and heavy much like some punters who make their way to Benedicts on a Saturday night, thus allowing the picture to come alive or seem more life like. Also in the collection there were some more long established piece’s, most notably for me were Hans Holbein’s paintings of Thomas Moore and Thomas Cromwell which I had seen many times before as an A-Level History student, but also included a number of preliminary sketches from Da Vinci in the basement giving us an insight into how he would prepare for larger, more intricate pieces.

A lot of food was ate, as you would imagine, so first thing on my list of things to do is to go on some kind of diet here in Aus, though the place is conducive to getting in shape. I’ll be going over where I ate, what I ate etc. as for me NYC is food lover’s heaven. It has the greatest selection of restaurants available in one area in the world and many are at reasonable prices.

Having traveled quite a bit I can say that the standard of airlines now is greater than ever. I had the pleasure of flying with Aer Lingus, British Airways and Qantas for various parts of my journey and will freely admit that each were excellent in the service provided, very courteous and the food was excellent. That said, the in flight entertainment has come along leaps and bounds from when my family would do Boston to Dublin with Aer Lingus and the plane was a de facto old man’s pub what with everyone smoking and drinking away and the film on a screen up front.

I had the luck of watching some fairly obscure, sought after cinema on my journey, including the controversial French film, ‘Holy Motors‘ which had this incredible scene and piece (a review to follow later)

All in all, I had a great time in NYC, blizzard permitting. The city is getting back on it’s feet after Sandy and New Yorkers confirm their reputation for not taking crap and getting on with things, a quality I greatly admire in them.





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