Ian Fairweather exhibition at Queensland Art Gallery

Well folks, I have now been residing in Brisbane aka Brsivegas, in Queensland for a week and I must admit that first impressions are very good indeed. The city reminds me of something along the lines of Belfast (stay with me on this one!) whereby the city centre including the CBD (Central Business District) is quite small and easy to get around on foot while the remainder of the city is a mass sprawl of beautiful suburbs with some very old traditional Queenslander houses, one of which I am staying in with some great friends.

Yesterday (Wednesday), I took time out from job searching and on the recommendation of my friends decided to venture to the South Bank and see the Queensland State Library, GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art) and QAG (Queensland Art Gallery) where in the latter an exhibition of the work of Australian artist Ian Fairweather was under way.

Here are a small selection of the pieces on offer which I hope you will enjoy as much as I do, though note I did shoot them with a blackberry.

Trotting Race, 1956

Bus Stop, 1964/65

Cafe Tables, 1957

Head, 1955

Kite Flying, 1958

Gethsemane, 1958

Summer Shadows, 1959

Painting VIII, 1960

Fairweather was actually from Jersey in the Channel Islands and moved to Bribie Island, north of Brisbane, where he was secluded and able to work and develop what I think is a rather unique style of painting, with nods to Chinese calligraphy with his use of simple and bold brush strokes in many of his pieces, he created some outstanding pieces which draws on the lives of those around him, as well as some abstract work with no discernible aesthetic based on our visual world.

If you are in Queensland I would recommend you venture to Brisbane’s south bank and see it, otherwise, I hope the above proves a satisfactory alternative.


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