Happy Friday! Music Time with the Black Keys!

Happy Friday to one and all. It’s a muggy day down here in Queensland today, yet I have enjoyed myself having ventured to the West End of the city for the first time where I had a very nice philly steak and beer, a particular favorite of mine.

This evening, some friends and I will be going to see a Brisbane based band called the ‘Bankrupt Billionaires‘ who I have never listened to, never had the chance to listen to BUT am willing to give a go. I would post something of theirs here on the site, however, I will leave that to next week depending on whether or not they are any good of course.

In the meantime, a few of us are listening to some Black Keys, particularly there album ‘El Camino‘ which has been out for quite some time now and the band has been touring quite a bit of late, playing support to the Foo Fighters in Belfast over the summer (Northern Hemisphere). So, below are a few of the stand out tracks from an excellent album which I hope gets you in that weekend mood.

They’ve got a very high tempo, bluesy feel to them and there latest album has very. very little filler in it, maybe 1 tune I would skip regularly. That apart, I always find I have a step in my feet when I’m walking down the street in the sunshine listening to them, that or I am suffering from sun stroke, I’ll leave you to decide sure.

So, what are y’all listening to then folks? Feel free to drop a line or link in the box below sure. Left of centre is more than welcome!


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