Friday Music: Saint Etienne retrospective

Morning y’all, how’s your week been? I hope you are all well and have great plans for the weekend, or none at all, whatever is best for you guys, wherever you may be. We have some plans here in QLD ourselves, watching cricket today from Perth which will be Ricky Ponting’s final test in what has been a fairly magnificent career, the turning on of Brisbane’s solar powered Christmas Tree and who knows what else.

It’s that time of the week again when you might need something to put a spring in your step, realise why we work 5 days a week (yes, to feed, clothe and put a roof over our and many others’ heads), to enjoy a well deserved weekend of course!

With that in mind, here’s something I am sure you are going to enjoy. I am a massive fan of Saint Etienne with their breezy electro pop and here’s some for you all to enjoy.

So folks, what are you all listening to, watching or at this weekend and where? Anything interesting, unusual or want to share just drop in the box below!


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