Music Time: Triple J is pretty excellent

Having been here in Brisbane now a few weeks staying in my friends’ gaff, come the evenings we find ourselves on the new deck with a barbeque and a few beers until about 8ish, just relaxing and enjoying life. Now, we either spend that time watching some TV or, more often than not we listen to Australia’s best ‘alternative’ radio station, Triple J, which is run by ABC, the Aussie version of the BBC in essence.

The station is thankfully not like BBC Radio 1 but it does have far too much dup step on at times. That said, it has a great variety of tracks from many artists, especially up and coming regional bands and singers allowing them the exposure to hopefully go on to greater things. Soooooo, with that in mind, here are some of the tracks we have been listening to over the past few weeks, I hope you enjoy.

So, have you got anything you want to drop in folks that you’re all listening to? Box is below…


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