Friday Music Time: TV on the Radio!

Happy Friday to you all, the weather here in Australia is insanely hot at the moment and I hope that all Aussie readers are safe and sound away from the many on going bush fires.

Back in Europe, and Ireland specifically, I hope that there are no more ‘fleg’ protests and the weather greatly improves.

So, for your attention here are some videos from ‘TV on the Radio’ and their album ‘Nine Types of Light’ which I have been listening to over the past few weeks, it puts a nice spring in my step and makes me feel, well, good about myself, I hope it does the same for you too.

What are you all listening to then? It can be new or old, pop or left of field, just post it below sure!


3 responses to “Friday Music Time: TV on the Radio!

  1. Thanks SoS, I have been enjoying these guys now for a few weeks and the album is very good indeed. I’ll find some Aussie stuff for next Friday sure, see what you guys all think. Of course, if you have anything in particular share away, I’m always on the look out for something interesting to listen to.

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