Fred Cobain MLA defects from UUP to DUP: UUP 1905 – 2013?

Fred Cobain MLA has decided to leave the UUP after being a member of the party for some 30 years and moved to the DUP, what a surprise. Cobain noted that he had been thinking over this decision for a number of months and that it wasn’t an easy one for him to make, however, the UUP is ‘riven with personal and policy difficulties’ and was ‘politically exhausted’.

mikeHe also noted at his press conference at Stormont, where he was flanked by Peter Robinson and Nigel Dodds that ‘I don’t think they (the UUP) have any new ideas or big ideas‘. Nor does anyone else.

It should be noted that this not the first time Mike ‘dodgy hair’ Nesbitt has had trouble with UUP members, in fact he seems to clash with so many it is a quiet and strange week if he does not have a public falling out with them. Whether it is the expulsion of David McNarry in May 2012, the disciplining of Lord Maginnis for his homophobic rants, the withdrawing of the whip from Basil McCrea for his criticism of the UUP’s handling of the flags issue or John McCallister being stripped of his role as deputy leader of the UUP, the question has to be asked, how much longer before the party’s rank and file simply give up on this turd that won’t flush and retire to their garden centres once and for all.


4 responses to “Fred Cobain MLA defects from UUP to DUP: UUP 1905 – 2013?

  1. A few observations. In the early part of 2012, I was in Stormont on two successive days and on both occasions saw Cobain…on both occasions he was casually dressed and I assumed (and it was confirmed in a tweet to me today) that he had been working as a staffer since his defeat in 2011. It is likely that he is no longer a staffer…bottom line is its harder for a staffer to defect than a MLA …so either he retired at 65 or lost Nesbitts confidence.
    Yet I assume that he would have had a vote in last years leadership and as the choice was Nesbitt or McCallister…surely Nesbitt got his vote IIF HE HAD ONE) ….but again as someone suggested on Twitter and I had the same unworthy thought….William Humphey DUP is a MLA and a councillor in North Belfast….so will Humphrey stand down at City Hall and experienced Cobain move in.
    But it seems that the timing is particularly bad for TV MIke….he has to work in the Forum with Robbo who just very publicly poached a senior UUP MLA….humiliating Nesbitt in the process.

    • Apologies for the delay with my reply FJH.

      This whole affair is pretty embarrassing for Mike, the thought of him sitting opposite Robbo at this forum after losing another senior member, does Robbo say to him, ‘what goes on on the pitch, stays on the pitch, back to the business at hand here Mike.’

      Like you said, if he had a vote I would imagine he voted for Mike and Tom over McCrea or McCallister.

  2. Zombie UUP or the Undead Unionist Party are soldiering on. Just when you think the corpse is dead it starts twitching again. It has no Members of Parliament one MEP and its councillors all seem to be all rushing towards the DUP lifeboats. But the beast will not die not yet anyway.

    • I would debate about it even having an MEP HR, Nicholson did get in on a Tory ticket and if he were to go for the Euro Parl again would he do it under the UUP banner? I give the party one more Assembly election, no more 🙂

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