Mid-Week Music: The Pixies and 1991’s Trompe le Monde

Hello to you all. Something to lighten the mood and also, this is who I was listening to while typing so furiously away. I’ve been a fan of the Pixies now since I was about 19 when I went to Uni in Belfast of course. A friend of mine who has always been pretty droll but witty is somewhat obsessed with them and pretty much force fed them to us.

Of all their albums, for some reason the oft lamented and overlooked ‘Trompe le Monde‘ has become my favorite. Why? It was a lot more polished than ‘Doolittle‘ and seemed to be packed with more playable tunes as opposed to some experimental numbers that the band had released before. It was a more complete indie rock record in its structure as opposed to the others where they would play with the rules a little. Whilst still enjoyable, I just felt that the Pixies were always at there best when they stuck to the rules of songs, they were always much more productive and engaging. Black Francis has always been a talented man and with the Pixies, the Catholics (his follow up touring band) or by himself he should surely be seen in the same light as Stipe et al for 80s and 90s rock, indie and American folk.

Here’s ‘The Navajo Know

Never renowned for having great videos, unfortunately, though solid live, ‘Alec Eiffel‘.

And finally, what I believe to be their most beautiful and perfect song, ‘Bird Dream of the Olympus Mons‘.


2 responses to “Mid-Week Music: The Pixies and 1991’s Trompe le Monde

  1. Much as I don’t want to upset you, particularly as you enjoyed the Olympia fun earlier in the week, I am going to the Oddysey tomorrow to see one of your favourite bands. The Script 😉

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