Australia, Olympic moaners

An interesting article over on the Guardian during the week and it touches on something I’ve noticed since I’ve been on my travels here in Queensland, this country is filled full of the greatest moaners on the planet!

Australia’s current prime minister, Julia Gillard, faced down another putsch from Kevin Rudd and supporters, probably the last one between now and September when we’ll have a federal election where the money is on Tony Abbott and the LNP to win. Paola hits the nail on the head I think:

Viewed from Europe, where national governments are planning to bail out their banks by raiding the savings accounts not just of Russian oligarchs but pensioners too, news of yet another political attack against Australia’s leader smacks of a particular strain of antipodean madness. For decades, it is the British who have worn the “whingeing Poms” label. Now, it’s time for Australians to accept the malcontents’ mantle, because it is they who appear incapable of seeing just how lucky they are.’

This nation has 5.4% unemployment, a middle class with real purchasing power as opposed to people thinking they are middle class (do you remember that?) and a belief that there’s limitless potential due to the nation’s youth and vast size, yet you would think I was living in Greece according to some of my Aussie mates. Maybe it’s just such a harsh place to live in regard to competition, I don’t personally but this short termism seems fine while Australia is doing well. As noted on the Beeb, Australia is the world’s coup capital with Julia becoming PM after she helped Kevin
Rudd knife Kim Beazley and then Kevin himself within 1,000 days of being in the role. Nick Bryant for the Beeb:

In its 113-year history, the British Labour party has never knifed a leader. The ALP is nowhere near as squeamish or sentimental.

At its most pitiless, it dumped the leader Bill Hayden on the eve of the 1983 election and installed in his place Bob Hawke, a freshman parliamentarian.

After eight years as prime minister, Hawke himself was “rolled,” to use another Australianism (that politics here has its own vocabulary of leadership challenges is in itself instructive).’

By the way, it hasn’t escaped my attention that I appear to be moaning about moaners, maybe it’s infectious!


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