Music Time: More from Margaret this April

April is fast finishing (where has it gone?) and I have forgotten to add some new music from the lovely people over at Margaret in London who as kindly as ever send me a number of tracks they are listening to in their office and I sift through in the vain hope of mr beatnickfinding something I will forever listen to as opposed to the often fire and forget way of me and new music. So, for your considered appreciation and disdain I give you the list they provided me with below!!!

i) Anthony Naples – Ill Still

ii) Bicep – Stash

iii) Mr Beatnick – Symbiosis

iv) Justin Timberlake – Strawberry Bubblegum

v) Omar S – Its Money In The D

vi) Peace – Drain

vii) Dusky – Nobody Else

viii) Dj Koze – Magical Boy (feat. Matthew Dear)

ix) Bonobo – Cirrus

x) Jamie Lidell – So Cold

Of the above, the following are what caught my attention, I don’t know if you will enjoy and whether I did but it’s new music!! If you have anything you would like to share drop it in the box below or drop me an email at


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