Die Hipster, DIE!!!

Do you know what a hipster is? I bet you do, it’s someone you probably dislike on first sight, they may wear a large, chunky sweater with skinny jeans, glasses they do not need and sport an awful tache. Here’s a video paying homage to hipsters in London, or as some of us like to call them, ‘Dickheads’:

I’m being a bit harsh, my best friend is a hipster and I know plenty of them. They’re some what fickle, middle class youngsters who are deliberately facile and into alternative things, almost in a contrary manner. They like to think they’re ironic but… anyway. Here’s Jimmy Kimmel taking the hand out of them a few weeks ago at Coachella:

Why, I hear you ask, have I brought this up? Well, the guys at the Guardian noted that a survey was conducted in the US where a large number of the respondents noted they didn’t like hipsters (shock horror), however, the survey conducted by Public Policy Polling was hipsterdone by contacting respondents on land lines, what century is this? Also, the questions asked appeared to be somewhat leading, including:

Do you think that hipsters make a positive cultural contribution to society, or do you think they just soullessly appropriate cultural tropes from the past for their own ironic amusement?


Do you think hipsters should be subjected to a special tax because they are so annoying, or not?

I did laugh my leg at those. These folks are usually found in and around the Cathedral Quarter in Belfast, the Twisted Pepper in Dublin (great coffee there by the way!), Shoreditch and Hoxton in London or Williamsburg in Brooklyn. I do love them to be honest, who else would I have to be disdainful of and who give me a warm sense of smugness that I’m not as vapid as that lot? No one, that’s who. And as you’ve guessed, I seemingly knock around enough of them that I seemingly know what they do etc. etc. Ah well…


4 responses to “Die Hipster, DIE!!!

  1. I think I would rather gouge out my own eyeballs with a rusty teaspoon than set foot in the Pepper 😉

    Ah well, at least some hipsters are honest about their wilful shallowness.

    I found greater offence in days of yore with some young blood out of “Trinners” sporting his keffiyeh and Ché Guevara t-shirt on his way to the weekly meeting of the Labour Society to discuss what they should do to support the Intifada. The type that would quite happily deliver a patronising lecture on the reasons why Yasser Arafat was a freedom fighter while Martin McGuinness was a terrorist to any gathering of three or more people. Annoying was not the word. And they still exist.

    • I did laugh a bit at the Seamas. It’s a frightfully contrived place, that said it is one of the few decent cups of coffee you’ll get in and around O’Connell Street in all fairness, tho I’d recommend trying the Italian cafe in the Epicurean Foodhall and Viva Espana near the entrance is very nice too.

      Back to the main point, yup, filled full of cognitive dissonance hence why I loved my time there one evening. I get a kick out of taking the hand out of idiots and I convinced one that Avid Merrion aka Keith Lemon was there (it was a red head wearing a neck brace ffs!)

      As for idiots and politics, there are tons in Dublin and I’ve always enjoyed making their life awkward 🙂

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