Music: Deerhunter and ‘Monomania’

Happy Sunday all. The site has been somewhat on and  off over the past few weeks with yours truly either getting a sports related injury or most recently getting the dreaded MAN FLU which knocked me into a state of paralysis from which I was lucky to survive. That said, I did deerhuntertake the time out to listen to a lot of new music and read somethings. A review of Geoff Dyer’s ‘Yoga for people who can’t be bothered to do it‘ should be up in the next few days and so far I’ve really enjoyed it.

One band I did listen to during the week was Deerhunter and their fourth album ‘Monomania’ which I particularly loved. The Pitchfork review you can find here, otherwise, some of the tracks can be found below for your enjoyment. As usual, if you want to share something you are listening to, whether something old or something new, then just let us know below. Happy listening!




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