Radio Silence

Apologies for the lack of posts here folks as well as the relative radio silence on my friends’ sites too however I have been busy with other matters in my own life and, if I may be brutally honest, I had become somewhat tired of writing on matters that seem to never ever go away, especially politics in the North.

I try and stick to the maxim of ‘if you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all‘ and beyond rehashing points I had made thousands of times before I feel to a certain extent that anything I could add would be pointless or something akin to Groundhog Day ground hog dayand after reading about what is happening back home in relation to the Glorious 12th, forgive me if my intensity for these matters whilst far away has dropped considerably. There were many things I read (here, here, here and here) which made me basically shake my head and ask when will things become better back home, when will respect for one another be a reality, but I would say this one I saw on BBC NI’s site was the one that really made me sick to the pit of my stomach, the placing of a holy statue on the bonfire in the Shankill Road in Belfast. I mean, that’s so insane it beggars belief, I thought the wars of religion had finished but clearly I was being naive.

Anyway folks, I must admit that I had something of a writer’s block or a lack of interest in a lot of what has passed as news of late. This has been coupled with the fact that I have been interviewing for work, mainly in Dublin of all places, which has meant that I have had my focus elsewhere. You’re probably now wondering about the whole interviewing in Dublin line. Well, I am still in Australia, however, in many ways it reminds me of Belfast with regard to work and my line of it. There really is no work for what I do in Australia. Now that is very different from me saying that there is no work in Australia, that would be a fat lie as there is still a lot of work available, however, for the legal finance stuff I do there really is none due to the nature of this country’s economy. So, after work I find myself taking calls from London and Dublin for prospective jobs, so who knows, I may be home sooner than I had imagined.

In the meantime folks, I will be posting things perhaps a lot less politically focused, probably more sports, arts, music and movie/tv based. Like many of you, I take a vacation now and again and at this time of year I find it’s the same when it comes to the North and what passes for its politics. However, if you have anything you would like to post here by all means let me know and just drop me a line. Happy 12th of July folks, it’s a day for us all, right? 🙂


7 responses to “Radio Silence

  1. Looking at the same stories over and over in relation to Irish politics, in all parts of the country, it is very easy to turn away. The whole thing is just so damnably cyclical. The true revolutionary moments are few and far between (perhaps why we can all ream off the dates, from 1169 to 1969). I don’t blame your slight disenchantment with commenting on home events. Australian politics certainly looks more normal (and inviting) than those in the north-east of Ireland. Despite the sexism 😉

    • GRMA Seamas,

      Tbf, I am a bit disenchanted with matters. I like the cut and thrust but I do find I need a break now and again and it is usually at this time of year, particularly the marching season, it is so insanely stupefying to watch I find it something that makes me into something of a commentating vegetable, dribbling away onto a table as I merely repeat myself with the OO needs to talk to the residents and show them respect. That and serious politics really does take a back seat until about September so I decide to do so myself, charging the batteries, reading, listening to some good music and generally checking out other things.

      As for Aussie politics, I assure you, Northern politics in many ways is a lot more mature. Canberra is a pressure cooker and is like the South Belfast bubble on steroids. There is little to do there. You have a stack of journos there so every perceived slight and he said she said whisper is made into an insane story, I actually blank a lot of it out as mere white noise 🙂

  2. The only good thing I can say about this time of year is that it is a reminder of why partition failed. We created two states that were mirror images of each other and it was a disaster. Ireland reunited is a viable and balanced nation-state – Ireland divided is a continued cripple with no hope of rehabilitation. You might as well expect a one-winged bird to fly 😉

    Yeah, I hear Aussie politics can be pretty intense. I read recently about all the changes over there in relation to the newspaper media (shrinking newsrooms, dumbing down content, more tabloid less in-depth, redundancies and explicit owner interference). Sounds a bit febrile.

    Any chance of a post examining the attempts to change the constitution to make explicit mention of the Aborigine peoples? From an Irish in exile point of view 😉

    • Apologies for the tardy reply Seamas, I thought I had but realised I had not actually pressed ‘send’, d’oh!

      I think that’s a wonderful idea for a piece regarding the Indigenous peoples of Australia and K Rudd incorporating them into the constitution (note, until the 60s indigenous people were not considered to be people but were designated as flora and fauna btw), I’ll drop a line to my friend who has her ear to the ground and see what I can pull together.

      In the meanwhile, Cleanish has come back to me with some excellent and extensive stuff that we’ll be publishing over the coming weeks, I’ll tell you more in a bit 🙂

    • Thanks for the kind words Enda! Dublin is most likely, a lot more likely than London but there’s a few really random destinations popping up too so watch this space 🙂

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