Irish Guy making a big splash with the Brisbane Lions and other AFL tid bits

We’re starting to get to that part of any sporting code’s season which could be known as ‘squeaky bum time‘ where some clubs and players come to the fore or fall by the way side and here in Brisvegas it’s been a rollercoaster of a season for its AFL (Aussie Rules for hanley lionsall the folks back home) team with it currently with 7 wins and 9 loses for the moment with 6 games remaining, 3 against teams rooted to the bottom with the remaining against a notably tough Geelong team in Victoria who undoubtedly will want some form of revenge after giving up the eight largest come back in AFL history a few weeks ago, a game I had the distinct pleasure to be at and which I’ve placed below!

Days out like that are few and far between and in all fairness, any game you go to afterwards in some way will always pale in comparison to that day. In all honesty, I was in something of a state of shock when Ash McGrath scored that goal. A 52 point come back against a team fancied for the entire competition who were simply cruising in the third quarter, it was a miracle that the Lions won that game and even looking at the video above I can feel my skin tingle with excitement.

Well, at the moment the Lions have an incredibly talented young Mayo man who is tearing it up here in Queensland and stole the show in round 16 when North Melbourne (the Kangaroos) came to the Gabba. Pearce Hanley scored 2 very memorable goals which helped the Lions come back once again in the fourth quarter.

Of course Pearce is not the first Irish man to ply his trade in the AFL which owing to its roots in Gaelic Football has meant that a large number of guys have preceded him in what has been called ‘The Irish Experiment‘ though in all fairness it does seem to be somewhatbrad scott on the wane of late. You may also be wondering whether you are seeing the same opposition manager for both the Roos and the Cats. Well, no, your eyes do not deceive you, the managers of both teams are in fact twins, Brad is in charge of the former while his brother Chris the latter. Unfortunately for Brad he has been having a torrid season where his Roos team has played some fantastic football, racking up rather large leads against their opponents only to lose in the dying minutes of the final quarter on several occasions, the latest example would be Friday night at the MCG against Carlton where they lost by a solitary point and this excruciating loss to the Adelaide Crows in round 9. Roos fans must have aged horribly this season and they’ve at least another 6 games to go, I honestly hope they get some return soon.



6 responses to “Irish Guy making a big splash with the Brisbane Lions and other AFL tid bits

    • That would be the Irish guy making it big aka Pearce Hanley. He broke a bone in his hand 2 weeks ago in a game played in Darwin against the Melbourne Demons but should be back this evening at the Gabba against St Kilda.

  1. Will you be looking forward to the International Rules series at all? This year I think it’s an Australian indigenous team playing against the Irish.

    I love the pace of Aussie Rules, and International Rules seems even faster and played on a smaller ground. I’m looking forward to the upcoming matches.

    • Derek, you’ve just touched on something I wanted to write about but owing to starting a new job yesterday I’ve had no time at all.

      I am really looking forward to the International Rules Series & I think the Australian Indigenous team could be the shot in the arm the series needs. I’ve heard some misgivings from GAA HQ on a team consisting of only 18% of the AFL players being effective but I think that what’s being overlooked is the pride that Indigenous Australians feel representing Original Australians.

      If you look at the opening exhibition game for the NRL is the Indigenous Aussies v NRL All Stars and the former usually smash the latter.

      Plus, lets look at some of the Indigenous players, you’ve Adam Goodes & Jetta of the Swannys, outstanding footballers, or how about Rioli & my favourite Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin, a terrifying footballer, it’s between him & Gary Abblett Jnr of the GC Suns for whose the best in the league at the moment.

      I think we’ve some real potential for a great series, hopefully the Aussie team brings some decent weather with them too!

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