TV you should watch: Portlandia

I’m not entirely certain if this show has made its way to Ireland yet but I think it’s  great viewing if rather daft and silly. The show stars Fred Armiesen of Saturday Night Live fame and Carrie Brownstein of the alt-rock band Sleater-Kinney (not bad tunes btw folks, you portlandiamight see something on them for humpday) as they act either as themselves or as an assortment of somewhat stereotyped characters in Portland, Oregon where they play on the city’s current reputation for being laid back, alternative (whatever that means nowadays) and for having a ‘do-gooder’, nay hipster attitude towards matters and issues such as environmental awareness, music and the rearing of children.

It’s goofy take on all things in the city where everyone appears to have the best of intentions yet nothing appears to get done or completed in a manner that you would expect of a city is actually quite touching and heart warming, especially the rather interesting solutions the populace have for everyday problems that befall every modern city.

I would be lying if I said that both Armiesen and Brownstein get each sketch right every time but there is enough in the first three series for you to enjoy.


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