Reflection on the state of Unionism

As someone who has found himself reading on occasion Slugger O’Toole and also passing comment on issues (whenever it is a subject matter that either interests me or I feel I can add something) I have naturally had the pleasure of reading some whom I would consider to be quite insightful and who can challenge my preconceptions on certain matter. Others are very engaging and I have sparred with now and again while the rest I usually leave alone as they can either be loons, trolls or unengaging and repetitive.

I was recently reading one of Mick’s thread about the purported lack of unionist bloggers when someone noted some of the problems he feels inhabit theBig Ian Angry PUL community in the North and how they seemingly strive to undermine their position in the UK by turning off CNRs who may under certain circumstances be amenable to a change of heart on the whole constitutional issue. With his kind permission, Am Ghobsmacht (AMG) has allowed me to highlight his post from his own site which I would recommend  you call on over and check out in full, some great writing and interesting points even though I don’t play for the same side as him on certain issues but cogent and intelligent stuff. But, for me, the best part is that it is a great read and also quite humorous at times.

To surmise, AMG believes that PULs are guilty of TEN things that damage the North’s position in the UK, all of which I would agree with to a certain extent, these include:

1. Uber Britishness;

2. Flegtards;

3. No anthem or flag for the North/Northern Ireland;

4. Living in denial;

5. Unionist politicians;

6. Fear of all things Gaelic (this one has always baffled me);

7. “Not an Inch” & “No Surrender”;

8. Thinking that every Catholic is a ‘Provo’;

9. Britishness vs Irishness; and

10. Flegs.

Padraig PostI will not go into the specifics here as you really should call over and visit it yourselves but perhaps my favourite quip/quote from AMG’s piece is the comment he had under a picture of Postman Pat, or in this case the Irish language version Padraig Post where he noted as dryly possible ‘No threat to the Union’. Quite. So folks, what do you think of AMG’s points above, is he right, could we add to it, are there certain things we would let slide? Keep it civil 🙂



5 responses to “Reflection on the state of Unionism

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  2. I owe you a h/t… tried to thank you on FJH’s blog, but its rejecting my comments, again… [I think I may have annoyed him, again]

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