Bye Bye Australia!

Well folks, I hope your summer has been a pleasant one (with certain events ignored of course) and that you are starting to enjoy what for me has always been my favourite time of year; that’s right, September. The month I was born in and also the month where the summer eases  its way into autumn and we get those glorious long evenings that you wish would never end…

As some of you know (because I emailed you) I have left Australia about a week or more ago (hence it being a little quiet around here) and am now resident on Continental Europe about to start work. I had a great time in various parts of Australia, a truly glorious country and OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAone that I wholly enjoyed and would recommend that all go and visit at some stage. I was taken aback by the simplicity of life there (not meant as an insult whatsoever) and the great quality of life, however, in the end work came a calling but on a different continent so here I am now, preparing for work in the coming days.

The country has some wonderful and very unique cities whether  it is Brisbane which is bathed in near perpetual sunshine and good humour, Sydney which is bustling and cracking at the seems, Adelaide which is rather sedate but a place you could live in free from any kind of hassle, or Melbourne which for me was the highlight of my time there, as brief as  my stay in that city was.

In the meantime, I want to wish all of my Australian friends and family the very best of luck, to thank them for their great hospitality and endless patience with me and that I’m looking forward to seeing them all again early next year. I just hope that the populace do not put that idiot Abbott in charge in the meantime…



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