Music: Parquet Courts

I hope you’re all having a good week out there in internet land or wherever you reside. My first few days back in Europe have been interesting, especially as I quickly come to realise that the standard of English spoken on the Continent is frightening (word to the wise, when a German parquet courtssays they know ‘only a little English’ it means they are pretty much fluent) and I fell embarrassed every  time I open my mouth and ask if someone knows any English, though my other languages have come in handy a little bit.

Any way, moving on and here is a band that a friend of mine from Doire put me on to a number of weeks ago but I never got the chance to show case them or whatever. They’re from Brooklyn (naturally) and are a punk rock outfit by the name of Parquet Courts with their album ‘Light Up Gold‘ which I have very much enjoyed over the Australian winter, your European summer. Here’s a quick selection of their tunes below, hope you enjoy folks. Oh, and the first tune of the previously mentioned album has the best line I have heard in an age with ‘Socrates died in the fucking gutter‘ from their song ‘Master of my Craft‘, priceless…


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